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AndroidAndroid Phone (Google phone)
Cell phonesMobile / cell phones (most makes)
Apple iPhone DVD videoApple iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad
Palm PrePalm Pre
Apple iPodApple iPod Video & Nano Video
Npower FusionNick NPower Fusion
Archos DVD videoArchos Media Players
Palm and Treo DVD videoPalm and Treo OS Devices
Blackberry DVD videoBlackberry phones & PDAs
FlashTraxSmartDisk FlashTrax XT
Zen DVD videoCreative Zen players
Sony Playstation videoSony PlayStation Portable (PSP)
MixMax DVD videoDisney MixMax & MixMax plus
Sony Walkman videoSony Walkman video players
Epson DVD videoEpson PhotoFine
Windows PMCWindows Portable Media Center
Gizmondo DVD videoGizmondo
Windows smartphoneWindows Smart phone
Kodak picture frame videoKodak Picture Frames
Windows CEWindows CE handheld device
Zune DVD videoMicrosoft Zune
DVD to Pocket PCWindows Mobile Pocket PC

and more...

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